Roof Replacement

The most expensive appliance on your home is your roof. It never takes a day off from the day it’s installed. We have the tools, equipment, and know-how to replace many types of roofs while also protecting your landscaping. We use premium roofing materials that are proven to perform for longevity for flat roofs, pitched roofs, sloped roofs, tiled roofs, you name it!

How old are your shingles and underlayment?  Does your roof have a proper ventilation system? Many homeowners aren’t aware that proper ventilation for your roof plays a large part in your roof’s life expectancy and drastically impacts your roof's performance. A properly ventilated roof will actually increase your roof’s life expectancy, comfort level, and wear and tear on your heating and cooling units from running overtime while also helping to save cost on your monthly energy bills in the summer and winter.