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The Syracuse, NY area has seen its fair share of crazy weather! From late winter snowstorms to hurricane-like wind storms, we’ve seen it all. Often, these storms leave us battered and exposed to the elements. Usually, the roofs of your home or business take the brunt force of mother nature.

Roof tarps are used to protect your roof from additional damage. You know you’ve seen them, those big blue tarps that can cover an entire roof! These giant tarps are water and mildew resistant and can protect your home while you are waiting for repairs to be completed. Emergency roof tarp service offered by Melo Roofing can help save the day, so if you have any roof damage contact us today!


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When Do You Need Roof Tarping?

Emergency roof tarping services can protect homes from fallen trees, fire damage, hurricane winds, or similar types of damage. While a tarp is only a temporary solution and does not fix the problem, it can provide adequate protection to your home to prevent further damage from occurring. Minor roof damage, such as a loose or missing shingle, can quickly become a larger, more costly problem if left unfixed. Water damage can also occur without a tarp.

Skylight Types and Functions

Many factors are to be considered when deciding what type of skylight you would like to have in your home. There are 5 main functions which include vented (manual, electric), fixed or tubes.

The structure or type of skylight also has to be decided. When making your decisions, the experts at Melo Roofing will assist you all through the decision process to make sure you will be satisfied with the end result.


Roof Repairs

There are times during standard roof repairs when a tarp may be needed. This might occur if bad weather strikes, delay in labor or materials, or changes in the project. When shingles are removed, the roof needs to be protected until it can be repaired.

Fire Damage

Some fires can cause damage to the roof without affecting the rest of the home. In cases such as these, once the fire has been put out (and the roof has cooled down) emergency tarping can protect the home from the outdoor elements.

Mother Nature

Heavy snow, torrential rain, hail/ice, and hurricane-like wind can all cause damage to a roof. In big storms, tree branches (or full-sized trees) can fall and damage the roof. Additionally, strong winds are capable of removing large portions of shingles.

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“Excellent job done by Elijah. I had a few shingles missing from my roof due to high wind. He responded right away and got the job done on a rainy day. I'm pleased and highly recommend his service”


Signs You May Need Emergency Roof Tarp Services

Deteriorating or Missing Shingles

If you notice shingle particles in your gutters or see whole shingles missing from the roof, that is a sure sign you need emergency roof tarp services. If water gets under the remaining shingles or leaks in, much more damage could occur.


Some damage from storms can create holes in your roof. If you have a hole (no matter how big) water and the outdoor elements can get into your home. You will want emergency roof tarping right away!

Water Damage

If you are noticing water damage on your ceiling or walls, there is likely a roof leak. This could be from damaged or missing shingles or other types of roof damage. If water has gotten in, there could be more unseen damage such as mold or mildew.

Roof Tarp Installation Process

The intention of having the tarp placed on your roof is to protect it from further damage. Homeowners and business owners alike want to be sure their home or business is protected. To properly protect the roof, the right tarp must be used. 

Melo Roofing has tarps of various sizes so emergency services can be provided. Depending on the damaged area will determine the size tarp used. Once the right tarp has been chosen, the application process can begin; starting with the removal of any debris on the roof. This will also allow for a closer inspection of possible damaged areas.

Before and during the tarping process, photos and videos may be taken. This can help you and your insurance company handle any claims. The tarp will be brought up to the roof and placed over the area by unrolling and draping over the roof. 

To secure the tarp, different methods may be used depending on the weather. Melo Roofing may use 2x4 pieces of wood wrapped around the edge of the tarp and then screwed or nailed to the roof.

Another possible method to keep the tarp down would be to use sandbags along all edges of the tarp. Ensuring all damaged or affected areas are covered, your roof should remain protected until repair can be completed. Melo Roofing also offers roof repair services and can provide you with an estimate as well. Emergency roof tarps are not meant to be a long-term fix, but they can last a few months if necessary.


Things to Consider with Emergency Roof Tarping


Emergency repairs can’t be planned for. Extreme weather conditions can be expected, but you never really know what will happen. Your roof is the defense system to your home, and after a while, may become damaged. Even though you can't plan for storm damage or emergencies, there are some things you can do that will help protect your roof as well as the integrity of your home.

    • Maintain the trees around your home. Keep them trimmed if possible and remove any dead trees or branches. This helps to prevent them from falling onto your roof possibly causing severe damage.

    • Keep your gutters clean and in proper working order. Keeping the leaves and debris out of the gutter will allow them to do their job; remove water from your roof. If they become clogged, the water has nowhere to go and can leak in through the roof. Additionally, the weight of the debris may cause the gutters to detach.

    • Watch your shingles for signs of deterioration or damage. Nail pops can cause small holes in the shingles which may let water leak through. Eventually, shingles will begin to deteriorate and it is best to have them repaired before it becomes a more severe problem.

    • During the winter months, be mindful of ice dams. The large chunks of ice are caused by the freezing and thawing of water over time. Ice dams can also be a sign of improper heating and ventilation and should be looked into if they occur often during the winter.

Emergency Roof Tarp Service Costs


The costs for emergency roof tarp service can vary depending on several factors. These may include how large of a tarp is required, the type of damage that occurred, and if the tarping service is an emergency (like if a tree fell through your roof).

On average, the costs range from $150 to $1,500. Melo Roofing is here to save your roof, so if you do need a roof tarp, just contact us - we’re available 24/7.

Syracuse's Most Trusted Roofing Contractor with Over 150 5-Star Google Reviews!

Leave the emergency roof tarping to the professionals at Melo Roofing. Taking every necessary precaution, we can safely and effectively protect your home from further damage.

While the task of buying a blue tarp and covering a damaged area of your roof seems easy, it can be very dangerous. Additionally, more damage could be done if it isn't done correctly. Trust the experts and give us a call!